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Albert (CEO) first ventured in the working industry selling roasted corn at local flea markets at the age of 12, immediately after high school he became a personal trainer and opened his first small business. After his second daughter was born at the age of 22 he set off to work in the oil refineries, which was a traitorous work environment. From working all around the US, then moving to Canada working hard labor in -47 degree weather for 14-16hr days, he developed his intense strong work ethic, and passion for challenging ventures. He quotes “I remember it being so intensely cold moving materials around, I used to tell myself I’d rather be scrubbing a floor with a toothbrush than be here’, but at the time there was no option but to get the job done” Retiring from that industry he returned to his true passion in helping people live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and diet. Finally he had saved enough capital to open his second small business, a juice bar, which was a major success. In less than a year he opened a second location in a larger city nearby, which also was a major success. None of this would’ve been possible without the use of digital and social media marketing strategies and tactics. He explains his ambition in business is to continue becoming more successful in order to make a global impact for the greater good of the people in need around the world. He has dedicated 40% profits to fund his volunteering expeditions around the world to help countries in poverty. This is how Strategic Marketing Agency came to be ALIVE!

He brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes his firm the holistic solution for creative clients.


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Albert Sloss

With a driven passion in helping people, you can trust him with your business marketing needs. He has a strong passion and desire to give value to others as a priority. His in-depth knowledge of digital and social media marketing can increase revenue in any business up to 50% over a matter of months. His passion in helping humanity stretches over several countries around the world volunteering his time in helping communities in poverty build schools, homes, and help educating children the English language. He has dedicated 40% of the proceeds in his endeavor to continue helping communities in poverty around the world, by purchasing of the simplest things that are in dire need.