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Basic Management

Basic Management


Basic management is our most economical option which includes content creation, developing a brand story, and design on all your social media platforms. Which consist of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will design and create the most strategic content that will get people engaging and increase your following on each platform. This package does not include AD SPEND, which is sold separately and is at your discretion of how much you want to spend. AD SPEND is what is paid to Facebook to get your posts seen by the hundreds of thousands in your area or around the world. Without advertising spending posts developed on your social media will not be seen by many and it highly recommended. Ask consultant for more details. See additional info for details.

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Package includes

- Facebook management - 3 posts per day

- Instagram management - 3 posts per day

- Twitter management - 3 posts per day

- YouTube management

- Design and creation of visual post content

- Strategies and ideas to turn leads into sales

- Develop brand story

- Detailed monthly reports of marketing results

- Monthly meetings to discuss different approaches and strategies for marketing plan